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One Eleven Interactive, Inc Pharmaceuticals Why is Xeris Pharmaceuticals up 4% in 2016?

Why is Xeris Pharmaceuticals up 4% in 2016?

The stock of Xerislav Pharmaceuticals, which was spun off from Zynga, jumped to a new high of $2.75, up 6% over the previous day.

The stock has risen 17% this year.

In December, Xerist Pharmaceuticals (XERIS) was spun out from Zygax.

Xerislava Pharmaceuticals shares rose 6% on the news.

The company’s stock has jumped 17% since its inception in 2015.

Shares of Zyngas Pharmaceuticals rose 2% to $2,619.10 on the day.

The shares of Pfizer Pharmaceuticals jumped 4% to the same level, according to FactSet.

The Nasdaq composite is up 6.5% this week.

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