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Why I’m quitting smoking

By JEFFREY HAYES | APRIL 30, 2018 04:59:54When you’re quitting smoking, you want to quit as soon as possible.

But what if you don’t know how long it takes?

What if you’re not sure you’re actually getting the nicotine rush you need?

So if you want a quick, effective way to quit smoking, here are 5 tips.1.

Take a cigarette.

If you have a choice, take a cigarette at least once a day, if not, do so even if you’ve already started smoking.2.

Try a different smoking method.

Take up a different method of smoking.

For example, try vaping instead of smoking a cigarette or smokeless tobacco.3.

Quit early.

Take your nicotine rush to the next level.

Don’t let the nicotine fill you up too much or you may actually become addicted to nicotine.4.

Take an e-cigarette.

It is very similar to a cigarette, but unlike cigarettes, e-cigarettes don’t contain tar.5.

Get the right brand.

The best way to do this is to use a tobacco product like a tobacco cigarette.

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