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One Eleven Interactive, Inc Introduction When is the next stock to trade?

When is the next stock to trade?

reata pharmacy stocks,citium pharmaceuticals,stock,reata pharmaceutical,citi source USA TODAY title Citigroup and Citigroup Financials: Who’ll be the next big banks?

article citi stock,citius pharmaceutical,stock source USA NOW title Citi and Citius Pharmaceuticals: How much will Citius pay for Citius stock?

article Citius pharmaceutical stocks,citicius pharmaceutical stock,stock,,citi stock source USA NEWS source USAToday title Covington & Touche: How to beat the market, not the market article covington&touche stock,financials,financial,covington stock source NATIONAL source USA News article Citrix: Citrix plans to raise $300 million from its backers as it seeks to turn around its troubled financial services business.

source USA Now title Citrix will raise $30M from investors, Citrix shares,Citrix stock,Covington stocks,Citi stock article Citigroup: Citigroup plans to issue $1.6B share of new stock, Citigroup shares,financial stocks,financial source USA Newswire article Citis earnings beat Wall Street expectations in the fourth quarter and were the biggest in nearly two years, but financials was weaker than Wall Street had expected.

The financials miss was the biggest since the fourth-quarter of last year.

The miss was smaller than expected, but still significant.

Citigroup reported earnings of $1,847 million, or $1 per share, in the third quarter, an improvement from a year ago.

Wall Street expected earnings of about $1 a share.

The firm’s stock is up about 1 percent since last year’s closing price.

Citi reported its third-quarter profit was $5.2 billion, up from $5 billion a year earlier.

Wall St. analysts expected the firm to report a loss of $3.1 billion, or 59 cents a share, for the quarter.

Covingtons stock was up 2 percent, but it is down about 2 percent since the first quarter.

The Nasdaq composite index of stocks was up about 3 percent.

Financials, the Nasdaq’s benchmark, was up 0.2 percent.

Citis stock is down 8 percent since its high in December 2011.

Citius stocks were up 10 percent in the first two months of this year.

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