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A complete PDMA compliant online and mobile sampling solution

Sample Server Complete

One Eleven teams up with Direct Success to create a complete online and mobile sampling program

A complete sampling solution from A to Z. SampleServer Complete™ delivers pharmaceutical samples to Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) in one complete solution. From the order to delivery, OEI and Direct Success takes the worry out of online and mobile sampling in one complete solution.

SampleServer, online and mobile sampling program, and Direct Success can be implemented on any system and web site.


The benefits of utilizing a SampleServer™ program include:

  • Maintaining or elevating prescription saturation
  • Augmenting brand presence and retaining the loyalty of healthcare professionals
  • Supplementing sales force efforts or implementing them independently
  • Providing a convenient, efficient, secure method of ordering samples via e-signature
  • Customizing a design based on client needs
  • Mobile sampling options (iPhone, Blackberry, smartphones and PDAs)
  • Direct Success

Why we choose Direct Success:

  • A full-service fulfillment company that delivers customized online and mobile sample fulfillment and marketing services to the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries
  • DEA and FDA licensed
  • Exacting and precise in adherence of PDMA
  • Known for big company capabilities with the touch of small company customer service
  • Ability to customize a design based on client needs

Online and mobile sample fulfillment without excuses:

  • Perfect inventory records and accountability at all times
    • Processes of confirming quantity upon receipt and issuing only what was used for the day result in perfect inventory at all times
  • Database design and reporting that meets the client’s needs
    • Data is only as good as the information that meets the client’s needs
  • Fulfillment to the right healthcare provider with the right product and paperwork every time… without excuses
    • QC processes that are unmatched in the pharma industry ensure PDMA regs are followed and the client’s business rules are met
  • Deadlines met for every order
    • Daily, weekly, monthly orders go out per client’s requirements
  • PDMA compliant in every order, project and reporting need

In Action

AstraZeneca's Zomig Online Sample Program

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