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RxDialer™ Physician to patient communication tool

One Eleven’s RxDialer targets the flow of inventory and information from pharmaceutical brand through the practice, ultimately to those being treated.

RxDialer was developed to increase operational efficiencies and responsiveness of practices, while adding a greater degree of communication and convenience for those they treat. It’s a powerful online application that contacts patients on the physician’s behalf notifying patients when drug supplies arrive or if an appointment needs to be scheduled.

Implementing the RxDialer program can:
  • Increase immunization rates for influenza and other vaccine-preventable diseases
  • Encourage parent or patient compliance with recommended immunization or medication schedules
  • Increase adolescent immunization rates
  • Manage vaccine inventory and patient demand more efficiently
  • Grow practices
  • Contact more patients in less time at less cost.
RxDialer is easy to use and makes creating and sending messages simple to fit into any physician’s busy schedule. The RxDialer system can be accessed at any time, from any phone to record a personalized message. Finally, the system can be directed through the RxDialer™ site to schedule calls to patients. RxDialer handles the rest—automatically.

In Action

Sanofi Pasteur's RxDialer Program

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