Pharmaceutical Marketing Tools

Alternative Sales Channel for Health Care Professionals


Live video brand discussions, eDetailing, sampling and patient resources.

Is your brand losing sales time? If vacant territories, white space and non-called on physicians are impacting your brand’s sales, RemoteRep delivers the face-to-face interaction with key physicians, delivering brand messages, eDetailing and samples.


The benefits of our remoteRep™ program include:

  • Health Care Professionals (HCP) to sales rep instant communication
  • Sales channel for hard-to-reach HCPs
  • Sample ordering
  • eDetailing, utilize exsisting content
  • Video/audio chat, streaming
  • Enable account/user profile sign up that stores user information for use in session and future sessions
  • Enable desktop sharing by moderator to attendees in real time
  • Upload and share files such as a PDF or eDetails, also can be pre configured with approved content
  • Can be customized to meet clients needs
  • Traditional sales rep can be part of the remoteRep solution
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In Action

remoteRep interface

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