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111cms - Content Management System
Edit Yourself. Our content management system has been designed to be both easy to use and feature packed. We wanted to give our clients the ability to make modifications to their site without having to go through us when their MLR asks them to change "the" to "a". 111cms achieves this goal and more.


The goal for 111cms was to develop an integrated web content management tool that would:

  • enable access to multiple, robust web-based applications to run in a common environment removing the need to integrate third-party software or to rebuild a web site altogether
  • be scalable in functionality by enabling modular functions, applications and management tools to be added at will with no impact to the existing build of the site
  • enable a majority of the content within a site and its applications to be maintained easily by novice web users
  • enforce standards in web architecture targeting compliance in accessibility which results in better search visibility, load times/performance and performance in mobile device

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One Eleven Interactive (OEI) was formed by pharmaceutical and healthcare expatriates who embraced a changing pharmaceutical business landscape and who were intent on lighting a fire under the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries to change with it.

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