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Pharmaceutical brand web sites have become an invaluable business tool linking pharm brands with healthcare professionals and the patients they serve. Do you know how your site measures up to your competition? To your own family of branded sites?

SiteScape™ is a comprehensive site performance auditing process designed to gauge site usability and user experience dimensions, performance in search ranking and against best practices for web and the industry along with detailed recommendations on how to improve your site to perform better.

SiteScape™ provides:

  • Several tiers of site audits, ranging from basic compliance to detailed and targeted competitive analyses
  • Quantitative and qualitative reporting that describes a variety of dimensions of your sites' performance including site architecture and code analyses, accessibility and compliance, search ranking, keyword analysis and placement potential, usability and how user's experience your site
  • The "good, the bad and the ugly"—an objective analysis performed by a neutral third-party with absolutely no political agenda
  • Detailed reporting of findings that includes metrics and visuals that effectively provide a comprehensive explanation of results and recommendations.

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