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It is a proven fact that healthcare consumers and professionals alike turn to the web for answers first. A brand’s ability to be found above all others has become a critical competitive advantage in the marketplace.

SearchBooster™ Search Optimization is designed to:

  • Boost organic or “natural” search ranking of a web site in leading search engines so users find your site first
  • Ensure the mechanics of a web site are up to current web compliance and accessibility standards so they are properly indexed by the major search engines and not mistakenly viewed as possible spam sites
  • Make the site usable to a wider audience and platform base including screen readers for the impaired also making content more accessible through a variety of mobile and hand-held devices*
  • Help identify relevant keywords to be used in conjunction with search engine marketing and other paid placement campaigns
  • Increase visibility and build credibility in a brand

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Embrace Change

One Eleven Interactive (OEI) was formed by pharmaceutical and healthcare expatriates who embraced a changing pharmaceutical business landscape and who were intent on lighting a fire under the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries to change with it.

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