One Eleven Interactive Pharmaceutical Marketing

Customizable Pharmaceutical Marketing Tools

Doing things differently requires a toolset unique to the situation. Bringing any new drug to market involves such risks. Bringing a pharmaceutical brand out of its shell requires it.

Through rigorous trials, testing and tweaking, One Eleven has developed a suite of proven interactive tools that target brand conditions to cure the problems our brands encounter most often. They've helped our brands have a profound effect on the way they operate, how they engage markets and how they compete.

One Eleven's Pharmaceutical Marketing Tools:

eSource Center
eSource is the control center for a suite of One Eleven's killer tools.
Admin your arsenal from a central location. eSource Center
eSource Center
Take your sampling program online. Reach more targets, realize real cost-savings. SampleServer
Sample Server Express

Sample Server designed for handheld devices. SamplerServer Express
Sample Server Complete

A complete PDMA compliant online and mobile sampling solution. SampleServer Complete
Mighty Mail
Keep your targets informed and tethered to your brands. A simple, yet powerful, CRM system. MightyMail
Rx Dialer
In a practice setting, efficiency is key to operations.
To patients, contact with their doctor is critical. RxDialer™ connects the dots between inventory, docs and patients. RxDialer
Alternative Sales Channel for Health Care Professionals.
Live video brand discussions, eDetailing, sampling and patient resources. remoteRep
Site Scape
Successful execution begins with an air-tight strategy. Find out how your sites measure up to standards, competitors and align with their own family of brands with detailed auditing, metrics and recommendations from an objective source. Site Scape
Search Booster
Having a brand site is not enough. Blast your brands out in the the stratosphere with search optimization designed to boost organic or natural search ranking. Search Booster
ONEcms Content Management Tool
Content is the driving force of any successful web site. OEI’s “111cms” makes it easy for "non-technical" users to update web sites, add new sections, post to a blog, and check analytics. 111 Content Management System

Proven, Killer Tools

eSource Center

Asset resources access, seamless integration of various online tools and programs

Sample Server

Secure online sampling program

Suite of Tools

Embrace Change

One Eleven Interactive (OEI) was formed by pharmaceutical and healthcare expatriates who embraced a changing pharmaceutical business landscape and who were intent on lighting a fire under the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries to change with it.

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