Interactive Language & Design Report

Even a successful site that has been added to and modified over a period of time tends to look cobbled together and doesn't function optimally.

Because visitors to the site are time crunched, we looked to make the user experience as simple as possible, while providing additional purchasing opportunities to increase each sale. To this end we started the project by reviewing the site's interactive language as well as the site's copy to make sure both were up to the latest web standards.

Interactive Language Report
Extended Offerings - Upsell

Sanofi wanted increase sales for their premium site, The best way to accomplish this was to make non-core products more accessible. Adding terms like "You may also be interested in" and a continue shopping button helps user understand there is more to the shoppe.

The goals of this step were to:
  • Maximize the efficiency of each interaction.
  • Relate the cross-sell banner visually to the product modules.
VaccineShoppe Product Upsale

Information Architecture - Focusing on the Big Picture
After reviewing smaller areas of, we were asked to review the entire web site and integrate our findings and suggestions into the rest of the site. We addressed both the layout of the site's sections as well as the copy. We looked at how to cross-sell and upsell, while not disrupting the user purchase.
vaccineshoppe wireframe
Final Design (launching 2008)

By modernizing the tab navigation system, we were able to achieve a new, modern design without totally alienating the user. Consistent link colors, color coded sub navigation and dynamic center content, all help with the flow and the user experience. Home Page

VaccineShoppe Logo it's click and easy NOW!

Sanofi Pasteur's is a successful site where healthcare professionals can order vaccines and medical supplies online. However, they wanted to make the user experience far easier and offer both cross-selling and upselling opportunities, which would make each order more profitable.

Tools used for

  • SearchBooster
  • SiteScape