National TV Campaign & Coupons

Warner Chilcott (WC) came to us with a product that was due to be promoted on national television, during sweeps week. WC wanted the site to reflect their TV campaign, since the site was the focus of the commercial. The goal of the commercial was to drive the viewers to the site, where they could download coupons to try the product.

Loestrin24 TV

Our design focused on the fact that Loestrin 24 promises shorter periods and has a prominent call-out to Loestrin's prescription savings program.

Loestrin24 Home Page
Building brand loyalty

Users of the site are encouraged to sign up for a coupon, giving them significant savings off their first prescription. Initially, Warner Chilcott wanted the people who requested a coupon to receive them in the mail.  We convinced WC that a downloadable coupon would provide instant gratification to the requester, and a MUCH higher redemption rate (and it sure did).

Loestrin24 Savings
Pharmacy Coupon

The Loestrin 24 Fe coupon is printed directly from the Loestrin 24 Fe web site. This puts the coupon immediately in the hands of an interested consumer, while saving the client printing and mailing costs, representing a huge win-win for all.

Loestrin24 Savings

Loestrin 24

Building brand loyalty and interaction

Warner Chilcott asked One Eleven Interactive to help them build a web site that worked in tandem with their first national TV campaign.

Tools used for

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  • SiteScape