Original Site Design
What do you do with a great resource like Influenza.com, that no one knows about? You roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty.
Influenza Original Design
Web Audit - SITESCAPE™
The web audit showed us that Influenza.com ranked high in usability, but very low in experience. These findings directed us to what we needed to address during the information architecture stage.
Influenza.com Web Audit
Information Architecture
During the Information Architecture phase, we addressed both the layout of the site's sections as well as the copy. We noticed that some terms used on this consumer-focused site were industry-speak. For example, "Epidemiology", hard to pronounce and harder to define (unless you're an MD).
Influenza Information Architecture
Final Design
In this step we visually integrate our learnings from the previous steps. Our web audit and information architecture steps, as well as conversations with the client brought forth the need for more compelling design as well as a clear "call to action".
Influenza Final Design


Influenza.com for Sanofi Pasteur: a fresh start

When Sanofi came to One Eleven with Influenza.com, we were initially asked to simply submit our review of the site against industry peer and competitor sites. Our findings ultimately sent a charge through Sanofi to revamp the site in its entirety, from information architecture, layout and design to code structure.

Tools used for Influenza.com

  • SearchBooster
  • SiteScape