One Eleven Interactive Services

Pharmaceutical interactive branding and marketing

Web site evaluation, analysis and audit services via SiteScapeā„¢

Where are you positioned in your market? What are your competitors doing? How do you measure up? learn more...

Interactive structuring/restructuring and information architecture

Is your site easy to use? Is the information consumers need readily accessible? Does it support your brand promise? learn more...

Web development of pharmaceutical brand drug and disease sites

Interactive media has become the touchpoint of choice throughout the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. A strong web presence is critical in demonstrating brand value and has become increasingly important as a business tool through which audiences connect to brands and to one another. learn more...

Search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine targeting

A web presence without a solid strategy is invisible to those you seek to engage. We'll help you implement solid, proven search strategies that render sites visible. learn more...

Non-personal relationship marketing (e-mail campaigning, data collection)

The days of face-to-face meetings, even phone calls has been replaced by the favored electronic communications vehicles. It's become a preferred medium for both businesses and consumers. We'll help you stay connected to your target groups. learn more...

Proven, Killer Tools

eSource Center

Asset resources access, seamless integration of various online tools and programs

Sample Server

Secure online sampling program

Suite of Tools

Embrace Change

One Eleven Interactive (OEI) was formed by pharmaceutical and healthcare expatriates who embraced a changing pharmaceutical business landscape and who were intent on lighting a fire under the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries to change with it.

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