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We come from a long lineage of going against popular opinion

Janet Carlson

Janet Carlson | Founder, CEO

A veteran of the pharmaceutical industry with 21 years of experience, Janet's career began in sales at Parke-Davis. After honing her marketing skills in-house, she was sent to the company psychologist to help her “fit in” to the corporate culture – fortunately, he told her to get out and find a place where her “bright ideas”  and energy would be appreciated (true story).  At that point, Janet joined NCI Advertising and developed a talent for creating unique marketing programs for her pharmaceutical clients – who loved her crazy ideas.

Janet loved NCI and never dreamed of leaving, until Chris Whittle enticed her with a big title and salary to start up “The Medical News Network (MNN),” destined to change the industry and piss off a lot of people.  Janet took the challenge and emerged a wiser woman, with the entrepreneurial bug.

After the USS MNN sank, Janet launched her own company, focusing on the web and marketing to healthcare professionals. Fourteen years later, it is still the chosen niche.  In her free time, she trains for half marathons, writes children’s books and chases toddler twins.

David Young

David Young | Operations Director

David is a career-long interactive/software designer, starting in the "mail room" as a technical support specialist for a software company. He finally snapped after begging his users, "Read the manual" on too many times. He quickly realized that the problem wasn't the people, it was the design of the software. David quickly moved on to interface design and technical development, custom application development and project management where he was able to spread his wings and have a tangible, positive effect on connecting business and people through interactive means.

David has worked with a variety of firms such as McKinsey & Co. and Morgan Stanley to non-profits such as MOUSE and DOROT and is continually driven to connect "techies" and "end-users" with a particular focus on real world applications that meet tangible business objectives.

David holds a B.A. in Political Science from Baruch College (CUNY) in New York City. We he's not thinking "web", he's dreaming of driving an Audi R10 the entire 24 hours of Le Mans.

See David in action...

Doug Bloom

Doug Bloom | Creative Director

Doug boasts decades of experience and recognition as a creative director in an agency environment. In fact, it was ultimately the very "agency" culture, slow to adopt interactive to meet the changing marketplace, that attracted Doug to One Eleven.

Respected in his field, Doug has directed a list of recognized, national campaigns and his keen ability to not only strategize but execute is renowned. There's even a rumor going around creative circles that Doug once assembled a completely functioning iMac out of paperclips out of pure necessity.

When he's not designing, art-directing, retouching, directing photo shoots, building websites, and brewing green tea (from scratch) he's making plans to fulfill his life's ambition – mountain biking the sheer north face of K-2 in Tibet.

John Sanders

John Sanders | Chief Financial Officer

The success of One Eleven's work relies heavily on our ability to develop realistic objectives, scopes and budgets within we work to affect change in the industry. With an understanding of the financial aspects of startup companies gained from his experience in founding and managing his own firm, coupled with fifteen years in senior management, John brings a strong set of leadership skills and financial know-how to the management team at One Eleven.

John began his career in Indianapolis, Indiana and later moved to the East Coast, working with several startup firms prior to joining the One Eleven team seven years ago. His skill set with budgeting and finance is critical to helping pharma and healthcare professionals as many in the industry have become fragmented since Internet changed the rules leaving many pharma brands, and especially healthcare professionals to act like smaller, startup businesses from a branding, marketing and financial perspective.

John holds a B.A. in History from Franklin College.

John Skrzypek

John Skrzypek | Lead Application Developer

While working as a tech support rep in film school, John realized the elegance of programming and working with interactive technology was more rewarding than spending years delivering coffee to ungrateful directors. The following decade saw him working as everything from a lone consultant to a nameless drone in a variety of companies.

Following a long stint developing for a large x-ray imaging company, John was finally fed up with attempting to convince ‘management’ that the web was indeed here to stay and should be regarded as a viable selling tool, he decided to jump ship and find a place more in tune with the now. One Eleven proved an ideal environment for John to bring his knowledge of mobile technologies and quest for writing scalable and ever-cleaner code.

When he’s not coding, compiling, data architecting, or designing sites, he enjoys braising, making videos, playing guitar, playing guitar hero, and talking about Peter Sellers.

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One Eleven Interactive (OEI) was formed by pharmaceutical and healthcare expatriates who embraced a changing pharmaceutical business landscape and who were intent on lighting a fire under the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries to change with it.

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