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One Eleven Interactive, Inc Contact Lexicon Pharmaceuticals stock is up 2.4%

Lexicon Pharmaceuticals stock is up 2.4%

The stock of Lexicon, the company behind the OxyContin drug, rose 2.1% on Tuesday to $25.19.

The company has a market value of about $3 billion.

Lexicon shares have gained 27% in the past year.

The stock has risen a bit since it closed at $22.23 on March 6.

The Nasdaq Composite Index rose 0.7%.

Shares in Mylan Pharmaceuticals rose 1.4%.

The stock of the company has been in a downtrend for the past few years, following the emergence of EpiPen, the injectable version of the drug.

The EpiPens were launched in December 2016 and are widely used to treat people who are allergic to the drug Mylan sells under the brand name Mylan-brand.

Mylan has not released any data on the efficacy of the EpiPro.

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