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How to get rich investing in pharmaceuticals

Lifestyle brands like Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, and Merck have huge stocks on the stock market, but the same cannot be said for the pharmaceutical industry. 

While pharmaceuticals can often be seen as the gold standard of medicine, they are far from it. 

In fact, according to the American Medical Association, the top ten drugs in the US market in 2017 were only four of the five leading drugs in medicine. 

The pharmaceutical industry is currently in the midst of an opioid epidemic, and the drugs used to treat it are often the same drugs that are being prescribed to people. 

This means that the pharmaceutical companies that manufacture these drugs are the ones who will be losing money in the short-term. 

But if the pharmaceuticals companies can avoid making these drugs, the industry could easily make money over the long-term in the form of sales and profits. 

So how to make money investing in the pharmaceutical business? 

The first step is to understand how the pharmaceutical company operates and how it works. 

Here are four ways to invest in the drugs business: 1. 

Invest in the companies that sell the drugs As the name suggests, pharmaceutical companies are usually based in the United States. 

Most people who buy drugs in a pharmacy are likely to do so because they want to get their medicines quickly and inexpensively. 

It is a common practice for people to buy these drugs at drugstores and online, and these companies are able to earn a lot of money selling them. 

However, these companies also rely on paying hefty commissions on these sales to their customers. 

As you can imagine, these drug companies often charge these commissions as a way to pay their workers the most. 

For example, a pharmacy can charge $15 to a pharmacist to handle a customer’s order. 

A pharmacy can also charge $5 to a delivery driver to bring a patient’s prescription from the pharmacy to a hospital, but they have to charge a similar amount for their drivers to get the drug into their hands. 

These commissions can add up quickly and drive up the prices of these drugs. 

Therefore, the pharmaceutical firms that make these drugs will likely make the most money out of the drugs.


Buy the drugs through online pharmacies or other online pharmacies If you want to buy a drug through an online pharmacy, you have to pay a small fee for the privilege of doing so. 

Typically, these online pharmacies charge a one-time $30 fee to register their customers, and they then charge a $15 fee per transaction. 

If your order is for a prescription for an opioid, for example, the pharmacy can pay you up to $150 for the drug. 

You can then use the money you have saved to pay for the prescription itself. 

Some pharmacies also offer discounts on prescription medications, and it is also possible to buy the drug directly from the manufacturer. 


Purchasing through a store, such as Amazon or Walgreens Amazon has a large selection of pharmaceuticals and other pharmaceutical products on its website. 

Although these online stores do not charge a wholesale price for the drugs they sell, they do allow you to purchase the drugs at a discounted price. 

There are many different ways to buy drugs online, but if you buy from a pharmacy or other online source, you can usually get the drugs in your hands quickly and at a low cost. 


Buying directly from a manufacturer In most cases, you do not need to pay the retail price of the drug you are buying. 

Instead, you buy directly from one of the manufacturers. 

Sometimes this is because they are the only manufacturer willing to sell the drug in a timely manner. 

Others use a website called DrugMarketPlace to sell their drugs directly to consumers. 

To make money buying drugs directly from manufacturers, you must first have the drug’s patent and then sign a contract. 

Once you have the patent and your contract with the manufacturer, you are good to go. 

Because the drugs you buy are made by a single manufacturer, they have a monopoly on selling their product. 

Even if they are not the biggest manufacturer in the world, they still have a huge market share because their products are considered the standard of care for a lot, many people.

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