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One Eleven Interactive, Inc Introduction How Purdue Pharmaceuticals and Aveo Pharmaceuticals are driving innovation in drug discovery

How Purdue Pharmaceuticals and Aveo Pharmaceuticals are driving innovation in drug discovery

Purdue Pharmaceutical’s (NYSE:PK) Aventis drug, Aveo’s (NASDAQ:AVO) Cephalexin, and Pfizer’s (Nasdaq:PFE) Kala Pharmaceuticals, the leading makers of generic drugs, are driving the pace of innovation in the biosciences, with the three companies each contributing more than $300 million in new research over the past year.

“We see tremendous potential for Pfizer, Aveopan, and Kala,” said Brian T. Loomis, president of Biomedical Products at Allergan.

“They are going to help drive the pace and breadth of the bioscience sector.”

Loomis noted that Pfizer recently completed a $20 million, two-year deal with Aveo to develop and commercialize a new cancer-drug candidate that is based on a novel molecule in Kala’s (AVO:AVP).

Pfizer also recently acquired Aveo, and Aveopans drug, Kalas Therapeutics, is slated to enter the bioscientific phase in 2019.

“The ability to have a broad-based and multi-disciplinary research program at these companies is the future of bioscience, and it will provide tremendous opportunity for Pfizers and Aveops research,” said Loomiscus.

The three companies are also poised to help push the pace in new drugs, with each contributing $1 billion or more in new drug discovery in the past five years.

The $20-million, two year deal with Pfizer is the largest Pfizer has ever given to a drug discovery program.

In the same time period, Aveon, Kalas Therapeutic and Pfizers drug, Cephaloxin (KALX:COXC), have each received at least $25 million each from the drug discovery arms of the company.

In addition, Aveoopans drug is expected to enter Phase III clinical trials next year.

In addition, the three Pfizer drug companies also each contributed $300-plus million to the development and commercialization of two generics of Pfizers own drug, the Novartis (NYSE :NVS) Abilify and the Merckx (NYSE MKT:MRKX) Zoloft.

The Novartic company also received $300-$400 million from the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Innovation Center (BBSIC) for a Phase III trial of its own product, the Tylenol.

In contrast, Aveos drug, Pfizer-Kala’s Therapeutical, has received only $15-20 million from Pfizer over the last five years, while Aveopas drug, Aventi, has never received a single penny from Pfizers pharmaceutical arm.

“Pfizer is one of the most aggressive drug discovery and commercializing companies in the world,” said Tom O’Connell, vice president of research and development at Pfizer.

“It has the financial and technology expertise to take the lead in creating these new products and driving the rate of innovation.”

In addition to the three drug companies, Aveowans drug (AVOE:AVNX) is also being developed by Pfizer in collaboration with Aveopanes biotech partners.

Aveo also has a drug development program that is expected in 2019 and is expected also to begin Phase III testing in 2019 with the Kala-Aventis collaboration.

Both Pfizer and Aveoppans drug development programs are part of the Pfizer Business Innovation Center.

The two-way collaboration between Pfizer researchers and Aveos’ drug discovery arm has yielded new drugs that are helping to lower the price of cancer drugs.

In June, Aveose was the first Pfizer company to receive a patent for a cancer drug candidate developed by Aveopis that uses a new molecule in Aveo drugs that is designed to target a key gene that is responsible for cancer.

In August, Pfizers first-ever drug to target this gene was approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

In September, Aveoes second-ever drugs targeted the gene were approved by both the FDA and FDA-approved drugs.

“Our research and collaboration with Pfizers partners are helping us to improve our products and drive innovation across the entire biopharmaceutical industry,” said Aveo CEO John D. Frosch.

“We are committed to helping these companies make new discoveries in the coming years, and the two-part Pfizer partnership with Aveon will allow us to accelerate our research efforts.”

“With our unique combination of biopharma expertise, research and clinical innovation, we believe our collaborations with Pfiser and Aveope will help us accelerate our mission to create the most innovative, cost-effective, and safe therapies in the biopharum,” said Pfizer CEO Brian J. Smith.

“Pfizers partners continue to demonstrate a high level of trust and respect for our researchers

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