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How Akorn Pharmaceuticals made the Akorn VR headset look better than the competition

Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals, the Finnish manufacturer of VR headsets, has been busy adding VR to the list of things to try out when it comes to smartphones.

In the latest episode of The Gadget Show, the company shared the latest developments in its VR headset line, which is now available in a wide range of hardware configurations.

“We’re going to introduce a VR headset in the near future,” CEO Haim Akorn told The Gadget, referring to the headset’s future release.

“It’s an interesting thing, but we are trying to get it into the hands of the consumer.”

Akorn also confirmed that the headset will be compatible with the Oculus Rift headset, and that it will be made from an open source design.

“The Akorn headset is based on the open source, high-quality hardware that we’re currently using,” he said.

“That means we are using components that have been available in the market for years and years and are already very popular with the VR industry.

The reason why it is not a traditional headset is because we’re not using the hardware itself, so the VR headset is built with the software to work with.”

Akkorn’s VR headset was designed to be able to record and share a 3D video stream, which will be possible through a headset-mounted microphone.

Akorn says that the device will support a wide array of cameras, and also supports “the latest in virtual reality and augmented reality”.

The company has been working on the headset since 2015, and it has since been integrated into smartphones, including the Oculus VR headset, HTC Vive, and Sony’s Project Morpheus.

Its VR headset has already been shown at CES 2017, and the company plans to show more headsets in 2018.

Akorn’s CEO said that the company will be “working hard” on the VR headsets’ software and firmware, and said that they were planning to offer the headset in a range of price points.

“In the future, we’re going into VR, we’ll be able offer more devices, but there will also be a range, because there will be a lot of different platforms,” Akorn said.

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