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Gilead to merge with Emerald Pharmaceuticals

By David FitzgeraldThe Irish TimesDecember 06, 2018 08:17:30The Merck & Co. deal announced Thursday will give the pharmaceutical giant’s global unit a larger market share in the $10 billion global biopharmaceutical market, as well as better access to its existing patients and suppliers, including its rival GlaxoSmithKline, a source close to the matter told The Irish Globe.

The Merz Pharma-Merck deal is expected to close this week, according to the source.

The deal could give Merck, the world’s No. 2 drugmaker, a bigger share of the $8.4 billion global drug market, and an even larger market for its generics, which are widely used in both acute and chronic diseases.

It could also help Merck boost its ability to generate more revenue from its own branded drugs, which could help it in its quest to expand its sales and profit in Europe and the U.S.

Gilead, the global pharmaceutical giant, is expected on Thursday to submit a proposal for a merger with Emington, a drugmaker that was founded by former GlaxosmithKline CEO David Merz.

Gilesons parent, Emington Pharmaceuticals, is set to announce its $4 billion takeover of Gileam, which it acquired in September 2018. 

The proposed Merck/Emmons merger is likely to give the company greater access to Emington’s products, as a result of which the company could increase its sales in Europe. 

According to the Merz Pharmaceuticals source, the deal could help Gileads global share in biopharma growth, as the merged company could use the merger to increase its profits and share of biopharms in the world.

The merger would also give Merz its share in Emington and its branded drugs. 

Gileads is also set to make an announcement on Friday, when it will announce a final offer for the remaining 52.5 percent of the company.

The combined company would be called MerckPharma. 

MerckPharmaceuticals has a market capitalisation of about $3.5 billion and employs more than 4,000 people in the U, UK and Ireland.

It is the world leader in the development of new drugs.

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