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One Eleven Interactive, Inc Introduction FDA approves eDOI for e-discovery

FDA approves eDOI for e-discovery

The Food and Drug Administration on Thursday approved an e-mailer that can analyze e-mails sent by patients and their doctors in order to find out if the doctor is lying.

The agency said the tool can identify potential medical errors, including if doctors have used outdated technology, ignored their patient’s needs or had poor patient care.

It will help doctors, pharmacists and others evaluate a patient’s health care needs and make it easier for them to get accurate prescriptions.

It is the first such product approved by the FDA and comes as e-commerce companies such as Amazon and eBay have been increasingly testing e-drugs and other medical data to help doctors and other health care providers.

The FDA approved the tool, called eDOIM, on Wednesday for the e-prescription industry, as well as other medical device makers.

The tool will be available through inovios Pharmaceuticals, a San Francisco company that makes the eDOIC software.

The company, which says its software is free of charge, said the approval came after a two-year research and development process that included more than 10,000 hours of testing.

“Inovio is committed to continuing to advance e-Discovery, including improving the accuracy of its software for physicians, pharmacies and other entities,” the company said in a statement.

Inovios is among the first medical device companies to offer a tool to help physicians and other patients evaluate their own medical conditions.

It said the company also plans to expand the tool to other health-care providers.

In a statement, Inovio said the FDA’s approval was “a very important milestone in the evolution of our e-science platform.”

The company said it will now use the eDiscovery tool to conduct research and develop new tools.

The approval also marks the first time the FDA has approved a new e-device from an independent research and evaluation company.

In the future, the FDA may use the technology to help more medical device manufacturers develop products that will work with existing medical devices.

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