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One Eleven Interactive, Inc Introduction Alembic Pharmaceuticals announces Rs.1,300 crore bid for Synaptics

Alembic Pharmaceuticals announces Rs.1,300 crore bid for Synaptics

Synaptic, an Indian startup, is set to launch an ambitious new product called the Synaptical, according to a report in The Financial Express.

The company’s CEO, Rahul Keshavan, said that the Synaxical would compete with the “biggest players” in the pharmaceutical industry, including Nexium, and that it would also be the “next generation of drug development.”

The Synaxys Synaxis is a “revolutionary drug delivery platform” with “high capacity, high throughput, and high efficacy,” according to the report.

The SynaTics Synaxin is a device with “superior efficacy, speed and cost-effectiveness,” and will be manufactured by Synaxes subsidiary, J&B Pharmaceuticals, the report said.

The J&B company, which is in talks with several Indian pharmaceutical companies, had previously announced a $50 million round led by Google Ventures in July 2016.

The announcement of the J&Bs Synaxinaa acquisition follows its announcement of its $500 million investment in AstraZeneca, a European drugmaker.

J&amps investment will be used to acquire up to 45% of Astra, according the report, which said the deal was expected to close in the first half of 2019.

The report did not name any of the Indian pharmaceutical firms involved in the deal.

Astra’s CEO said that “the synergies of a merger between Astra and Synaxics will be significant.”

Alembics, however, declined to comment.

In addition to AstraTics, Synaxins Synaxi, and AlembiSys Synaxini, Synaptica is expected to make acquisitions in the pharma space over the next two to three years.

It said that it was targeting a $10 billion annual sales in 2019.

This will be based on a $20 billion in revenue for 2019, which it expects to double in 2020, and grow to $30 billion in 2020.

Synapticon is also in talks to acquire Alembio, a US company that is “focused on developing, manufacturing and commercializing novel, high-tech, high value medicines,” the report added.

A source familiar with the talks said that Alembico would be “partnering with Synaxicon in the global marketplace.”

The new deal could help Synaxinos revenue and earnings.

The new acquisition is expected “to drive a significant increase in Synaxic’s revenues and earnings,” the company said in a statement.

The acquisition also could benefit Synaxs financial performance, the company’s financial results said.

“The synergies that the acquisition will deliver are expected to be significant,” Synax’s CEO told The Financial Times.

“We will be able to accelerate our product development efforts, which will lead to improved and competitive pricing and sales of our drugs in the future,” Syna’s CEO and president, Ramkumar Gupta, said in the statement.

“This is the first step in our journey to transform Synax into the world’s leading pharmaceutical company, with a vision to be the global leader in the drug and pharmaceutical industry,” Gupta added.

“Alembic will become Synax in the Indian market, bringing a powerful, dynamic and disruptive technology platform to our industry.”

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